With energy prices soaring, and our ever increasing demand for power in our homes and workplaces, Solar PV is leading the way as the fastest growing green energy solution that’s saving you money whilst contributing to a more sustainable future.


How does it work?

Solar modules when exposed to the suns light generate an electrical DC current.
This is then inverted from DC to AC current via an inverter which can then be consumed, stored or exported back onto the electricity grid.


How installing a Solar PV system can benefit you
By installing Solar PV in your home or workplace, you will be producing your own free electricity and relying less on importing electricity from the Grid. We aim to increase your Self Sufficiency and therefore saving you money on your electricity bills. Also, any Electricity that is produced but not consumed can then be exported back to the grid for profit.
Even better yet, the introduction of a Battery Storage alongside a Solar PV system can be very beneficial. This can store electricity you produce and utilise it when demand is greater! For example, if you are away or at work during the day your demand for electricity will be very little and you won’t be utilising your generated electricity, but store it in a battery and you can use this for cooking your dinner and putting a wash on!